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Bath Fizzies




A moisturising bath fizzy, scented with Jasmine essential oil.  Jasmine Flowers swirl into your bath as the sweet scent of Jasmine fills the room.                          Vegan


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Rose essential oil scents this moisturising bath fizzy.  Floating Rose Petals and Rosebuds help produce an utterly luxurious bathing experience.                      Vegan


A moisturising bath fizzy with a deliciously spicy scent.  Orange, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger and Clove scent the air as Orange Bossom and Whole Cloves float in your bathwater.



Rose Bath Fizzies
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Jasmine Bath Fizzies
Pomander Bath Fizzies


A moisturising bath fizzy, containing Lavender Petals and scented with Lavender essential oil.                  Vegan


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