Coffee and Cinnamon                               (Vegan)



Honey and Oatmeal                (Vegetarian)




Green Tea, Almond and Avocado                                             (Vegan)

Earl Grey        (Vegan)




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  Artisan Toiletries Handmade in Unst


Rosewood and Cedarwood                                (Vegan)

Mediaeval Animal




Coffee and Cinnamon Soap
Green Tea, Almond and Avocado Soap
Earl Grey Soap
Rosewood and Cedarwood Soap
Mediaeval Soap
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Honey and Oatmeal Soap
Special Order Designs

Special Order Designs and Bulk Orders

We can make our soaps in a variety of additional shapes.  We usually have a small stock of soaps in these shapes, but we do not usually have them all in stock at all times.  

      If you can’t see the combination of shape and scent you want listed on our site, please ask: we can make it up for you specially.  If it is a scent we already make, you can request any quantity, even a single item.  However, if you want a bespoke scent, we will ask you to commit in advance to purchasing a minimum quantity.  


There will be a delay of up to 7 weeks before delivery of bespoke items and bulk orders, as our soaps need to cure for several weeks after they are made.   

Castille Soap

Castille          (Vegan)



Fleur de Lys   (Vegan)



Lavender           (Vegan)




Mediaeval Soap

Mediaeval Tile - Guest Bar                      (Vegan)



Rose Soap        (Vegan)

Fleur de Lys Soap
Lavender Soap
Rose Soap
Rose Soap

Rose Guest Bar  (Vegan)