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Luxury gifts at an affordable price.  Alternatively, why not treat yourself!

Select any of our products, in whichever quantity you prefer, and we can make them up into a gift set for you.  

Just let us know which items you want made into the gift set at the checkout.  If you change your mind, we will delete the appropriate items from your order and refund the cost.


The cost of your gift set will be the cost of the products you have selected, plus a £2 surcharge.

Make Your Own Gift Set

Bespoke Toiletries

Please contact us if you would like a particular soap, bath bomb, shampoo or shaving product that we do not currently make or stock as standard.  We may be able to formulate and make it up for you specially.  It will be necessary to commit in advance to purchasing a minimum quantity of the finished product; this quantity will vary by product.

Our products foam less than commercial products because we avoid the use of harsh foaming agents.  Rest assured that, even with less foam, they are very effective, gentle cleansers.


We do not use oils derived from petrochemicals in our products, nor do we use animal fats: only vegetable oils.  All of our products are vegetarian; most are vegan.  This is clearly specified on each product.


None of our products have been  tested on animals.  Human volunteers have tested them all.

Our soaps are all gentle and moisturising on the skin.  Volunteers with skin so sensitive that they usually have trouble with soap (not just friends and family!) tell us that they are able to use our soaps regularly without any drying effect.  

All our soaps can be used on the hair as well as the body.  Follow up with a hair-rinse of 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice or cider vinegar diluted in 1 pint of water.

Exfoliate and moisturise in one go!  We find that our scrubs leave the skin wonderfully moisturised, so there is no need for additional creams or oils.  Our sugar scrubs do not contain soap., and have been carefully formulated to be solid at room temperature.  This means we can minimise packaging for the product.  They are packaged as a set of three single-use scrubs, which we think is also more hygienic than a jar.       

Why use electricity to shave, or landfill endless plastic bottles?  Re-discover the satisfaction of a traditional wet-shave with our luxurious shaving soap.

Lie back in a warm, scented bath, afloat with petals or flowers.  Could anything be more luxurious?  Our Bath Fizzies contain Almond Oil to moisturise the skin, as well as Essential Oils.  We never use artificial fragrances.  Available as large, single Bath Bombs or multi-packs of smaller Bath Marbles.

Our online payment method is PayPal only.  Please contact us via phone or email if you would prefer to pay by another method.

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