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Environmental Information


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We embrace the concept of ‘Earthcare, Peoplecare, Fairshare’ and this is reflected in our commitments to:-


keep our products and packaging as environmentally-friendly as possible

use locally-available resources wherever possible, in order to to reduce our carbon footprint and to support our local community

ensure that our business benefits our community rather than draining it

keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality, to benefit our customers.





In line with our company and family philosophy, all of our packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable.


Individual Products

Products are packaged in cellophane bags, which, though they look like clear plastic, are made from cellulose.  This is biodegradable and will compost under commercial composting conditions, or biodegrade harmlessly in the ground in two years.  Products are tied with jute string, and our labels are made from 100% recycled, unbleached card.


Gift Sets

Our gift-sets are presented either in bowls made from hot-pressed palm leaves, or in kidei boats made from thin wood.  Virgin sheep’s wool cushions the products in the gift sets.  



We obtain fleeces from a neighbour who keeps Shetland sheep, a breed famed for the high quality of its wool and for its colour variation.  As a result, our wool packaging may be any shade from white through shades of grey and brown to pitch black, or a mixture of several, as many Shetland  sheep have markings of different colours.  


We wash the virgin fleece with our own 60° North soaps and hand card it before using it as packaging.  Creative people may like to re-card and spin it, or collect enough to stuff cushions, soft toys etc.  Placed directly into the ground it acts as a natural, slow-release fertiliser.  


If, for any reason, you prefer not to have sheep’s wool in your gift set, please inform us when you order, and we will pack your order in shredded paper instead.


Shredded Paper

Our only other packaging is corrugated cardboard boxes and shredded paper.  We do not buy in paper for this purpose, but re-use printed matter.



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Vegetarian & Vegan Products



All of our products are Vegetarian, and most are Vegan.  The traditional method of making soap is to use animal fats.  Instead, we use only vegetable oils in our soaps, including RSPO Accredited palm oil.

Tel: 01957 711510