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All our products are made carefully by hand in small batches by Chris.  All our products are vegetarian, and most are vegan.


We pride ourselves on the personal attention we devote to making our products, and also on the personal attention we pay to our customers.   In the interests of offering a truly individual service, the following are available:-






We value genuine feedback on our products, packaging and website.  


Our motto is: ‘Clean and Simple’ and we stick to it.  We use the most natural ingredients available in all our products.  And we keep it simple.  Compare the ingredients lists for our products with any other brand, and we think you will be surprised at the difference.  It really takes very little to clean and moisturise the skin effectively.  


Our soaps foam less than commercial  soaps because we avoid the use of harsh foaming agents in all our products.  Rest assured that, even with less foam, they are very effective, gentle cleansers.  


And we always use vegetable oils rather than oils derived from petrochemicals.




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Tip: Reduce Waste! Use tiny left-over pieces of soap to wash clothes and as a household cleaner.  Either grate it or dissolve it in warm water, and use as usual.

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Tel: 01957 711510